In the world of printers, distribution plays a critical role in getting this equipment into the hands of end users. However, not all companies fully understand the importance and value that an experienced distributor like Colpix can bring.

More than Volume Discounts: The True Essence of Distribution

Suppliers often confuse “distribution policies” with simple “volume discounting” strategies. This simplistic approach ignores the complexity and commitment involved in a true distribution relationship.

At Colpix, we understand that distribution goes beyond pricing. We offer a comprehensive package of services and expertise that ensures the success of the printers we represent in the three countries where we operate: Chile, Spain and the United States.

Our value proposition:

* First class commercial and technical team: We have a highly trained and experienced team in the field of printers, able to provide personalized advice to our customers and solve any technical problem that may arise.

* Wide availability of spare parts: We maintain a complete stock of spare parts to guarantee fast and efficient repairs.

* 20 years of experience: We are backed by two decades of experience in the market, which allows us to offer a reliable and superior quality service.

* Modern infrastructure: We have delivery vans, showroom in Santiago, warehouses and a world-class web platform to serve our customers optimally.

* Marketing and advertising: We invest in advertising in specialized magazines, podcasts and other channels to increase the visibility of the brands we represent.

* Image and reputation: Colpix enjoys an impeccable image and reputation in the market, which translates into trust for our customers and partners.

An effective distribution policy: Duties and obligations

An effective distribution policy should clearly state the duties and obligations of both parties: the distributor and the manufacturer or integrator.

For the distributor:

* To provide all the points mentioned above, including a strong commitment to the promotion of the brand represented.

For the manufacturer or integrator:

* Respect the distributor’s territory: It is essential that the manufacturer does not sell directly to customers in the territory assigned to the distributor.

* Deliver complete manuals: High quality user and service manuals should be provided, especially the second one, since it is used by technicians.

* Encourage the exchange of experiences: Create opportunities for distributors to get to know each other, share experiences and collaborate with each other.

* Maintain a consistent pricing policy: It is essential to avoid unfair competition between distributors and the manufacturer.

* Offer a global after-sales service: The after-sales service must be available at times compatible with the customers’ time zones, thus avoiding inconveniences such as the time difference between China and South America.

In summary, companies looking to succeed in the international printer market must understand that distribution is a key component of their strategy. Partnering with an experienced distributor like Colpix will allow them to maximize their potential and achieve their sales goals in Chile, Spain and the United States.

在打印机领域,分销在将打印机送到最终用户手中方面发挥着关键作用。然而,并非所有公司都完全了解像 Colpix 这样经验丰富的分销商所能带来的重要性和价值。


供应商经常将 “分销政策 ”与简单的 “数量折扣 ”战略混为一谈。这种简单化的做法忽视了真正的分销关系中的复杂性和承诺。

在 Colpix,我们知道分销不仅仅是定价。我们提供全面的一揽子服务和专业知识,确保我们在三个国家代理的印刷商取得成功: 智利、西班牙和美国。


* 一流的销售和技术团队:我们在打印机领域拥有一支训练有素、经验丰富的团队,能够为客户提供个性化建议,解决出现的任何技术问题。

* 备件供应广泛: 我们备有完整的备件库存,确保快速高效的维修。

* 20 年的经验:我们拥有 20 年的市场经验,这使我们能够提供可靠、优质的服务。

* 现代化的基础设施:我们拥有送货车、圣地亚哥展厅、仓库和世界一流的网络平台,为客户提供最佳服务。

* 营销和广告:我们在专业杂志、播客和其他渠道投资广告,以提高我们所代理品牌的知名度。

* 形象和声誉:Colpix 在市场上拥有无可挑剔的形象和声誉,从而赢得客户和合作伙伴的信任。




* 提供上述所有内容,包括对所代理品牌的大力推广。


* 尊重分销商的区域:制造商不得在分配给分销商的区域内直接向客户销售产品,这一点至关重要。

* 提供完整的手册:应提供高质量的用户手册和服务手册,尤其是后者,因为技术人员会使用它。

* 鼓励经验交流:为分销商创造会面、分享经验和相互合作的机会。

* 维持统一的定价政策: 必须避免分销商与制造商之间的不公平竞争。

* 提供全球售后服务:售后服务的时间必须与客户的时区一致,从而避免不便,如中国和南美之间的时差。

总之,希望在国际打印机市场取得成功的公司必须明白,分销是其战略的关键组成部分。与 Colpix 这样经验丰富的分销商合作,可以最大限度地挖掘自身潜力,实现在智利、西班牙和美国的销售目标。